Sunday, 21 May 2017

A bad day

There are some days when we are not on the top. We feel that everything and everybody is against us, we feel insecure and vulnerable.
We cannot be always happy but at least we can change on our bad days. How? To have a coffee with your best friend, have a good chat about life; it helps me a lot. Or if you cannot meet just give a call for her and talk. A good friend can help a lot.

Shopping is might be not the best thing to do when you have a down moment but it definitely helps. Sometimes I like treating myself with a new beauty item, a lipstick for example. Just be careful and don't go crazy with it!

Taking a bath is very relaxing. Here, in Copenhagen, we don't really have the chance  though because we have tiny little bathrooms, but if you are lucky and you have a bathtub, you should definitely take a bath. Don't forget to put on some nice music and burn some candles. These are going to add a lot to the relaxation.

And if you are not fancy doing any of the above mentioned tips then there is an other one. Take a nice walk in the nearest park or change the direction of your walk when you are going home, discover a part of the city which you live in. Enjoy the colors and the birds' singing.

And if none of them is your cup of tea, then smile! For me when I smile, everything just gets to look better, nothing is that dark and sad anymore. And  people may smile back at you. It is such a good feeling to get a smile from somebody!

(Dress: Zara /  Shoes: Lasocki / Sunglasses: H&M)

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