Monday, 22 June 2015

How I style: black Topshop jeans

Last time I showed you my new essentials from H&M. I'm so happy for them! But unfornetely I can't wear them because the weather in Copenhagen is that nice. We have here the tipical danish summer with 18°C and lots of rain. Sometimes the sun is shining, and then everybody goes out and enjoys it. I love these days! :)
But now everithing is grey and it's raining... So I decided to show you, how I style my favourute black jeans, wich is now my everyday basic pants or jeans or whatever. :)

1. T-shirt: Colourka
Heels: Zara

 2. T-shirt: Atmosphere
Shoes: New Yorker
Necklace: flea market

3. Blouse: Sacond hand
Shoes: Deichmann

4. Blouse: Soaked
Ankle boots: Deichmann

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